Tennis Equipment For Beginners?

Hey Dennis here! I’m one of the head Tennis Craftsmen here and i’m here to exclusively share my list of equipment here and give a list of recommendations for new Tennis Beginner. Here you go!

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You have to feel the rackets like Head (for power); Wilson (for control); Dunlop (power & control); Babolat (power)
Comfortable shoes: Nike (elegant style & design); Adidas; Reebok
Outfit: Adidas & Nike are comfort fits
Head bands: Nike & Adidas to protect eyes from sweat & hair.
Nike for ankle, knee, wrist gartered bands to ease tight your previous injuries. Do daily work-out therapies, execises to your injured joints to make them more flexible. This may permanently cure them plus do not over stress them. Take some rest or stop the play if you feel pain so as not to aggravate the injury.
Do not use metallic braces coz they may irritate the skin, joints when in contact during plays. Use gartered bands instead for flexibility when in rapid motion.
For any beginners in all types of sports….. Practice, practice, practice …. & a lot more practice… never ending practice.. whatever you use or wear….. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT…ALWAYS

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My Gears:
– Racquet: Head Ti S6 or Wilson nCode n5 Force 110 or Wilson K Factor K Four 110 (OS)
– string: Head Gut 17 (for Ti S6, tensioned at 50 lbs), Wilson Stamina Spin 16 (for n5, tensioned at 58 lbs), Wilson K Gut (for K Four, tensioned at 60 lbs)
– headband & wristband: Nike DriFit
– jerseys and short pants: Nike DriFit
– socks: Nike DriFit Tennis
– shoes: Nike Air Vapor IV
– ankle/knee/wrist wrap: Nike
hope we help!