Tennis elbow remedy equipment?

Best Equipment To Fight Tennis Elbow


I’ve had tennis elbow for years … very severe at first but it gets better and better all the time. Here are some of the tips for dealing with the problem. We have a video below showing the best stuff to combat this.

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1) First of all, you need to do some warm-up exercises for your elbow before you really start hitting. I know warm-up sucks (especially if you’re a relatively young guy and have that mindset … I know I hate it) but it makes such a big difference in the long run. 5 minutes of lightly stretching your arm joints and muscles really makes a difference. Then, always start with some light half-court hitting before you go to the full-court exercise. At the end of your tennis match, use an ice pack to relieve whatever pain you experience.

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2) Try to rub in some bengay or similar stuff before you play (helps warming up and relaxing the muscles during play)
3) Use a tennis elbow BAND … a sleeve for tennis elbow is virtually useless. In order for your ligaments to hurt less, they need to be relieved of some of the pressure they take … the band does that by applying some direct pressure on the spot that hurts … the sleeve doesn’t do anything of the sort. As a matter of fact, I recommend using both an elbow band and a wrist band. Even though it may not be the place where you hurt, the movement of the wrist puts a lot of pressure on the ligaments and muscles in your lower arm. Applying some extra pressure on your wrist puts even less pressure on your elbow.
4) This may sound dumb but I’ll say it anyway because it’s the most important factor in treating tennis elbow: play better tennis. Tennis elbow usually happens because of things like: excessive vibration of racquet, wrong grip on the racquet etc. These things wouldn’t exist if you’d play tennis well. Obviously, for a beginner a major difference would be made by using a better, more correct hitting technique. We have a video below displaying what equipment is best to combat against Tennis elbow. Best tennis equipment for beginners